Best Options for List Retargeting?

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Hi all -

I have lots of experience with Adwords and a little bit of experience with Remarketing. However, today a client of mine asked about List Retargeting. He wants to use email lists that we have generated at trade shows and show remarketing ads to those people for x number of days.

I didn't even know this was possible, I thought you could only remarket to people who had visited your website and been tagged. So I just started researching it to see if it's something I can do effectively for him and wanted to get some warrior opinions on places to start, services to use, anything else that applies.

Thanks very much!
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    Hope we get a reply on this
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    Hi joeyjamz,

    Yes, you can upload customer lists to AdWords, as well as Facebook for Remarketing campaigns.

    In AdWords, you are not able to use the lists yet for Remarketing to the Display Network, but you can use it for Search Remarketing, Gmail, and Youtube Remarketing campaigns.

    In addition, you can target lookalike audiences on Facebook ads as well as Youtube Video ads.

    Here are links for more details:


    Don Burk
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    I will try this tips for myself and i will let you all know here. So, that everyone can make use of it.
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    What is the reason behind retargeting? Is there any special feature available in that? Because i don't have any other about it.
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    As mentioned, you can upload the list to Facebook and create a custom audience from it. Send ads just to that audience.

    You could also import them to mailchimp or another autoresponder and provide some value to them that way. Get them to see your offers etc.
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    Just Select and "Upload customer email addresses list" on Google adwords.

    You'll need to prepare your email addresses in order for matching to work. Make all characters in the email addresses lowercase and remove any extra spaces before or after the email addresses.

    Now, within AdWords, choose the file.
    -Set a membership duration. The default membership duration is unlimited, but you can set a custom time limit.
    -If you agree, check the box "This data was collected and is being shared with Google in compliance with Google's policies."
    -Click Upload and save list. You can view the progress of uploading your data file under "Audiences". This process may take up to 3 hours to complete.
    -Add your Customer Match audience to your campaign. It may take up to 12 hours for your campaign to start serving.
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    Sure i will try this method. But i have so many doubt regarding this process.
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    Facebook Retargeting with Custom Audiences and SiteScout are the best options for List Retargeting.
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    Remarketing is mostly for businesses that rely on repeat customers or for businesses whose customers' might take a bit of a time to make a decision before they purchase the products or services.
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    Yes, you can upload the emails to Facebook & Google as custom audiences, and even have them prospect for users similar to those custom audiences.

    These are highly targeted and high-performing audiences!
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