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After a couple of failed attempts getting ads or website approved finally started Adwords which is kind of a miracle for me to get started finally. Here is what happened 1st day:

1. Just a few ad groups so far - I have a CTR of 10% so far on one keyword.

2. I am using quite expensive keywords on phrase match - I was planning to start using exact but Adwords suggested phrase - I guess I should use cheaper long tails to start...?

3. I have not added any tracking yet - Adwords suggested to do this after 1 week after I have some data - I thought you would do this from beginning?

4. I can see Google/organic in analytics - I presume Adwords traffic will show under this (as i could see jump yesterday) or do i need to set up something in analytics too?

4. I am trying to get started with Bing too - has anyone experienced any issues with different PPC tracking codes on same site?

If anyone can help out with any of my questions above, I would really appreciate. Happy to come back and post my results on Adwords and Bing

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