With Facebook Ads, which is the most suitable alternative Cost Per Click CCP or Cost per Impression?

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Please describe in more detail or give examples of how either CCP or Cost Per Impression has allowed you to save ad spend or maximised your ad performance!

If you like you could explain the advantages and disadvantages of either?
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    Hi Merv1989,

    To understand which bidding strategy is better on Facebook or lets say any other platform which has bidding option, you need to first understand the objective & what you are trying to achieve. Check out this vBlog , it has superbly answered & I am sure you will get your answer.
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    On Facebook whether a person decides to optimize for clicks or for impression, the CPM (cost per thousand impression) is what seems to matter in the end. The best way to see which optimization will work best for you (the offer/niche you promote) may be to test different optimization goals and compare the profits' difference.
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    Well what I mostly pick is per thousand impressions. I have an entertainment website so click through rate is great there. However, if you are a real business and focus on sales instead of branding then you should implement Cost Per Click.
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    Even if someone here shares their stats - is that really going to be what works for you?

    You can test it yourself with your offer / niche.

    It's a simple as setting up 2 campaigns and running them side by side for a couple of weeks.

    That being said, the only stat that really matters with FB ads is cost per conversion.
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    I agree with you got to test.
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  • Split test your ads. When it comes to creating and implementing your own ads campaign always use your own experiences and never rely on past experiences of others. There are numerous factors to consider including images, videos, copy, colors, market, niche, and about 100 other factors that differentiate one campaign from another.

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