Can Someone Be Directing People to Click on our Adwords Ad?

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We're seeing a jump in Adwords clicks without changes to account. The other day I was thinking, what is preventing someone from creating a fake review site, or distributing an article that instead of linking to our site, it links to the Google search result where our Adwords ad is displayed on top?

Does Adwords prevent that by seeing the click came from a search result where the search was not manually entered and came from a referring link - that's what I'm guessing. Otherwise you could post an article "The Most Prominent {industry} Companies On The Internet - According to Google"
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    Well, I'm having the same problem with my app. It's for my site and I just created an ad for it too using AdWords.
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    We're seeing a jump in Adwords clicks without changes to account.
    What are these "clicks" doing after they click through? Are they all bouncing? Do you have analytics on your landing page? This would quickly tell you where they came from and what they were doing after click through.

    Of course, if it's a serious concern you should contact Adwords.
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  • What do you mean by a "jump" in clicks? Is it you had 50 one week and 60 the next? Such as statement means nothing without more information such as, what happened to impressions. You should never take one metric like that in isolation.

    Best to look at CTR but if you indeed did not make any changes to your account, chances are the CTR is going to be similar. The only thing that would affect it are changes that competitors make. Just one advertiser could have helped push your ads up one position where CTR would be higher and hence more clicks. But again, not CTR by itself, other factors affect it such as your ad position. I'll bet something else has also improved which explains your jump.

    What I'm confused about is why you are complaining. The idea of advertising is to grab as many eyes as possible which is what is happening. More clicks is a good thing, generally. And you claim you did nothing which is even better although you should try to improve.

    I don't understand your reasoning behind a third party site. If they are using Adwords, those clicks would show up on their account, not yours. Clicks on organic listings also don't register on anybody's Adwords account. Same for clicks on backlinks.
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    I mean could someone being doing something like this. (This isn't my site niche).

    Beware of site claiming to send referral business for drone jobs by requesting a monthly fee. They take the fees and reinvest them in advertising to get more fees but never send referrals to the pilots.

    They are the sites advertising on the keyword: drone pilots

    See here:

    (Now in this case many people will go to google and click on the first ads they see to investigate the scam causing click costs but not producing conversions.)
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