Why am I getting very few sign ups from my responsive ads?

by ncloud
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Why are my responsive ads getting very few conversions (sign-ups)?

I have two adgroups on the google display network with two ads in each adgroup - for a total of four ads. Several keywords in each adgroup. I let them run for 10 days. My budget was set to $10 per day, but it only ended up costing me $11.76 because I only got 53 clicks and 4 conversions (sign-ups) in that time.

I got a total of 3153 impressions, and 53 clicks. And most of those are from two of my ads that are in the same adgroup with the same keywords. Does this mean that there just isn't enough website with adsense out there that have to do with my keywords? Or could something else be causing this?

It doesn't seem scalable - is this typical for the display network?
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    It is possible that visitors just got curious with the ads but are not interested to sign up. Do you ask for a fee immediately for the sign up?
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    Unless you have chosen the keywords carefully, there is nothing much logic you can put into the behaviour of click happy people. There no definite pattern on how ads reach people and how they handle it

    On the downside, your ads might be attractive, but your offer might not be. Or it maybe costly. Without any data on those, it is hard to comment.
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    Do you ask for a fee immediately for the sign up
    No, I'm giving them a free ebook for signing up and I even mentioned that in my ad and landing page.

    Two of my ads weren't even getting very many impressions (40, and 18 in 10 days) which makes me think there just isn't that many websites out there with adsense matching these keywords. Most of those impressions came from the other two ads. 3153 impressions divided by 10 days, would be 315 impressions per day. That's a bit a low isn't it? Make me think there just isn't enough websites out there with adsense matching my keywords.
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    Try to create relevant ad-groups, choose relevant keywords that describes your business/ service more appropriate. Deeply think about your lander. See the traffic sources where are the traffic coming from. Also check the available country that you're getting the traffic. Targeting is the hardest but interesting to harvest.

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