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When running ads in google people say you should always be spit testing ads against each other. That way over time you get better performing ads. But what about ads on the display network? If you have to outsource to get these banner ads created, I wouldn't think you would want to keep having to create more and more of them all the time.

What do you do, run search ads for a while until you find an ad that performs really well and then put that text on a banner ad for the display network? And maybe update your banner ad every few months when you come up with ad text that performs even better?

Also, where do YOU go to have your display ads created?
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    1) Trying out different display banners is actually a great strategy.

    2) Yes you can use texts from the performing search ads on the banners

    3) If you want to create banner ads, please let me know
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    Split testing actually helps you find Ads that are doing better and then help you make your choices based on location, demographic, time etc. however is another way to make those giants more money. my advice is to research on your target audience using tools like facebook insight and google trends and then target your audience. that is if you are using facebook and google ads. on ad networks, you may not have the luxury to do all that search and testing, therefore, you may just have to try your luck and if it works then great.

    Goodluck with your advertising
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    Rule #1: always split test. Even if the platform doesn't allow split testing, do it on your own -- run two campaigns to test the hypothesis.

    I don't like giving banner creation to someone else. I hired a designer who can do that. Though, we brainstorm for ideas together.
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  • Yes, you should always split test ads against each other. That includes image ads for display and image ads for remarketing.

    If you outsource the creation of image ads, I suggest creating the background images with no text. You can then put in the text you want using whatever tool at hand. I've done it with Paint before but that is far from the best. Photoshop or something similar (and cheaper) can do just as well. All you need really is the text to put on and be able to resize, center and that sort of thing.

    As for the text on your image, you could use what works best in a text ad. However, keep in mind that search and display and remarketing are very different from each other. You need to take advantage of that fact and rarely will one thing work for all. Test but be aware of that fact and think of how your prospects are finding you and their state of mind which will be different if they search, happen to see your ad or have visited you before.

    By the way, you don't need to have images. Some of the best results have come from simple "images" of just text. I've seen some fairly big companies with such ads. I've done so for a client with just his logo and text on white or other color background.

    I've never tried yet but there's a site called Banner Snack. I've also never tried Adword's own tool which as I recall doesn't let you save and manipulate outside of it, if it still exists.
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    When talking about ads, the text ads is better than image ads. So try to use text ads more then image ads.
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    I am connected with amazon affiliate and I wanted to place a banner add which should come top of my website , I am able to place it it footer and also in side bar how to put it on top of my website.
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    Unlike Split Test in Search Ads, you will have to try and test each of the banner that you have created for Display Ads campaign. But for best practice, PPC agencies use text that works well for Search Ads. Test different display ad sizes to find the one that performs best for your business. Add a Call-to-Action to your display ads. Keepyou banners simple as too many detailing can make them look crowed.
    We have a in-house graphic designer that help us with the creatives.

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