Best Tool/Method to Track Lead Conversions Beyond Adwords?

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Hey guys,

I'm running a number of PPC campaigns for a client. I've set up phone calls and form submissions as conversions, and I'm getting good data from Adwords about those conversions. I'm now looking for a tool to continue tracking the conversion of these leads after they come in - which ones converted into sales and how much each sale was worth. I'm also looking to add some specific data capture like which employee fielded the call.

Any suggestions for a platform that is easy to set up and easy to query? I'm not exactly sure what types of queries we'll be running in the future so I'm looking to capture all the data I can now hoping that I can mess around with it as much as I want in the future.


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  • 1. CRM Analytics like Salesforce- A CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool like Salesforce measures leads. This cloud computing software is a fantastic platform to track and observe lead analytics. Salesforce is an automation software solely focused on generating, preserving, and converting leads.

    2.Lead Nurturing with Act-On Software- Some of the best marketing automation softwares nurture leads for you. Act-On automation software offers a top lead-nurturing tool for total CRM integration, funnel reports, automated emails, and lead scoring.

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    You can use Retreaver for that. They have a pretty decent tracking system for leads. Their support responds quickly too and helps set it up.
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    You can use Google Analytics and Google Tag manager, Installed on your site and track all the events and clicks Whatever activities your customer and or clients want to track. you can use free tool - page analytics by google's chrome extension. which gives some idea about how many times links clicked, which you can show it to clients, It's a useful data which links are getting most clicks. Which one you want people to click? So, You can do A/B Testing as well. It is not a heat map tool but It works similar to heat map tool. I hope, this information will help you.
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    Google Analytic is best for any kind of event or goal tracking on website.
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