Need thousands of leads, how can I reach them?

by cup243
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Ok, I need a few thousand leads. The product is going to be about building a successful ecommerce business, so I need people that may be interested in that.

I'm willing to pay for this, but this is not exactly my usual business model so I'm a bit lost.

WHERE best can I get those leads from?

Facebook ads? Sponsoring influencers? Solo ads? Media buying?

A bit of orientation would be much appreciated. I know the people I need is out there by the hundreds of thousands, I just need to know how to reach them even if it costs me a chunk of money.

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    So if you have capital yeah 100% facebook target your audience send them to an opt in site give them value in exchange for the lead! If you dont have capital start dm and pm people go to facebook groups give value etc

    best of look to you man!
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    Hi Cup243!

    Most business owners take up to three months before generating their first lead, but you can generate thousands of leads in a month by following some of the ways below;

    1. Make your landing page sensational
    2. Invest in blogs
    3. Email campaigns
    4. Use LinkedIn
    5. Webinars
    6. Link webinars to your content
    7. Offer free trials
    8. Offer discounts and special offers
    9. Have a dedicated leads generation team
    10. Mind your language

    You can simply follow these tips for reaching thousands leads without paying.
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