How much search volume an adgroup, as a whole, is needed to be successful?

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This is for city level search aka Los Angeles.

Is there a way to know what time of the month or day that those searches take place?
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    The main idea behind PPC is to pay for every click to your website which is generated by the advert - and this can be as little or as much as you want. A successful PPC campaign can generate a substantial ROI, providing that the clicks are achieving conversions.
    Here are the 10 tips for overcoming this problem. You can follow these tips.
    1. Choose your keywords wisely
    2. Make use of negative keywords
    3. Create targeted ad copy
    4. Differentiate your ad from competitors'
    5. Lead to a suitable landing page
    6. Match keywords on your landing page
    7. Aim for a high Quality Score
    8. Use ad extensions
    9. Create precise ad groups
    10. Use location targeting
    By following these tips you can be successful.
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      In other words, what is the minimum search volume where you will see instant traffic?
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      How to have landing page which affects quality score if you are running " call only add" ?
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    For my own experience, it should be more than 4500. It means 150/day on average. And with that number, we can expect to have some conversion.
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    Hmmmm...numbers do not make you successful. Helping humans through sharing value and building bonds does.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Invest in my blogging course to live your wildest dreams through blogging.
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      This is something nice to say when you give a speech.
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