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I want to split test several different ad images. I use the same ad image on the landing page (article) that's in the ad. So I can't keep ad and landing page image the same when running this split test.

What would you do in this case? Do I have to create several landing pages each with a different image to correspond with the specific ad?

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    Hi Jack,

    Facebook allows you to add optional URL parameters to your ad.

    If you want to split test two ads and have the same images appear on the landing page you could add the following URL parameters to your ads: "img=a" and "img=b" respectively.

    This means when someone clicks your ad it'll take them to example.com?img=a and example.com?img=b depending on the ad they click.

    Then you (or your web developer) would simply check which "img" parameter has been used on the page and show the correct image accordingly.
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