Anyone using adwords for Affiliate Campaigns?

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Can I advertise a product comparing post from by blog on adwords?
Has anyone seen it work?
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    yes, you can advertise almost everything! I dont see any problem in this
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    Yes, you can try anything. But, first try with free adwords coupons. Search google.
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    It can work, but of course, depends on the quality of your ads and landing page.
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    Of course, you can use AdWords as a traffic source for offers, however I would reccomend you to, first of all, check the traffic restrictions for the specific offer, because sometimes advertisers don`t let use context as a traffic source. Also check whether it is possible to use branded keywords when promoting the offer. And one more tip: you may start using context as a traff source from Bing not Adwords. Bing is less competitive.

    Good luck!
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    AdWords is super expensive but if you are smart, you can make a lot of bucks as an affiliate marketer with AdWords as well.

    Smartly use keywords
    While selecting kewords, think from the users perspecctive. For example a user looking to find marketing services in their local area may search using the term 'marketing' but is more likely to use a phrase such as 'marketing services in Manchester' or 'reputable marketing company' in order to get results which are tailored to their needs.

    For researching keywords, you may use SEMrush and Google keyword planner.

    Converting Landing Pages
    It is important that the landing page is targeted to the keyword and displays the information the user might be looking for quickly and in an easy to read way.

    Quality Score is Everything (Tool : Opteo)
    In terms of achieving a conversion, the higher the quality score, the more likely a person is to either make an enquiry or a purchase. Also, with a high quality score, you can lower your CPC costs.

    Use smart tools - Opteo and SEMrush
    Opteo is everything you hoped AdWords would be. With it, you can automate routine AdWords tasks and spend more time on high-level strategy and creative work.

    With SEMrush, you can

    Do keyword research directly from their Keyword Magic Tool.
    Import your competitor's Organic and Advertising keywords directly into the ad groups to try to steal their traffic.
    Generate automatic cross-group negatives.
    Bonus Tip: I see affiliates are making a lot of money with pay per call campaigns on AdWords. Do give it a shot!
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    Adwords have a strict bridge page policy for affiliate campaigns. Make sure to check that policy before promoting as it can make your account banned.
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    basically, adwords is good for product/service sales so you can actually do it but it will costly for you as well as if you are doing through affiliate then it is good.
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