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So my friend and I signed up for an ecommerce program about a year and a half ago. The program was supposed to last 3 months, with a guaranteed positive ROI after some period of time.

I won't name names (because we finally got a refund), but we got f'ed around for about a year by this guy. The deal was to have a fully functional ecommerce site, which his team would then market properly through PPC, SEO, etc.

We're at the point finally where we have a pretty decent site, however we don't have anyone to market it for us and are pretty clueless as to how to proceed.

Should we just hire a PPC guy to get some traffic going, or do we need a more structured approach? We don't know anything about creating sales funnels, or which products to choose to market, etc etc.

I seems like maybe we need more of a project manager than a PPC expert, but I really don't know. Basically we have a site which is ready to launch, have a few autoresponder emails set up, and just don't know what to do now.

We've probably put about $10k into this total. Thankfully we got $5k back as a refund recently, but we're still down quite a bit.

Also as a note, the site is in the adult niche (sex toys).
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    If you are in the adult/sex niche then you will have to pick and choose your PPC networks with care. facebook Ads will be a no no. However, you might beable to run ads on Googles Ad network.

    However here's what I'd do...

    If you can run ads on the Google Ads network (adwords/Display) Create great blog posts around the problems/desires in your niche to give value and build custom audiences of people who have engaged with your content.

    Add links to relevant products in your blog posts.

    Setup Google Ad campaigns around relevant keywords that drive traffic to your blog posts.

    Create custom audiences of people who have read your content.

    Retarget your audiences with Google Display network Ads.

    Its a fairly advanced ad strategy but it might work well for you.



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    I totally agree with Grant.
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    Try with social media optimization (SMO) first as you already spent more. join in related groups and post your products in those with good titles and offers. This will increase your social media presence and then after that you can create FB campaigns and PPC ads with targeted keywords.
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