Sudden dip in Facebook App Install campaign's reach & results.

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Have been running app install ads in Dubai on Facebook for past 6 months. We have used many different audiences (experimented with Male/Female, placements, broad & specific audience). For 5 months everything worked well. We were approximately getting 1 install per 1000 impressions. The CPI was maximum 18AED.
But, from last 1 month we have observed a significant dip in ad performance. I have tried using different bidding strategies (with and without maximum bid), lifetime & daily budget, best performing ads, tried new broad & specific audiences but nothing is working.

The ads reach has gone down, CPM has gone up and the results are almost negligible.

An ad set that used to reach 1000 impressions a day is now getting 80-100 impressions.

Can somebody please provide a possible reason and solution to this. Is it something at account level, or something at Campaign, Adset, or ads level?

Please resolve...
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    Hi there,

    It sounds like you've been running the ad campaign for a while but here are my thoughts....

    Firstly, you might be experiencing ad or offer fatigue where your audience stops responding to your ads.

    To get round the above, find new audiences or try different ads.

    Also check your negative feedback on your ads. If your ads are getting a lot of negative feedback and less engagement on your ad, Facebook will decrease your relevance score, increase your CPM and hence will reduce your reach.

    So with this in mind what you might have to do is find new audiences (lookalikes and other interests) and also re-write your ads so that you get peoplepositively engaging and clicking on your ads.

    Hope this helps.


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