Facebook Ads - Entering a new market with $3m budget

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    There is so much that goes into to Facebook advertising.

    If you have that much money, I would get some training.

    IMy personal favorites are Nicholas kusmich and Cat Howell.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20+ Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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      Cheers Diablo, but this is fictitious and as such, this assignment IS part of my training haha
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        Originally Posted by hschrapel View Post

        Cheers Diablo, but this is fictitious and as such, this assignment IS part of my training haha
        First, you should probably have mentioned that in your opening post.

        Second, it would be better for your development if you undertook this assignment yourself. You'll learn faster and more effectively by testing your own theories.

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    Originally Posted by hschrapel View Post

    Hey everyone!
    New member, hoping to be a longtime contributor in the future
    Essentially, I have been given an assignment in which an existing company that does well in Europe wants to enter the US market. They want to bring in new paying users in the US market with a budget of $1m USD for Q4 2018 and a CPA of $80USD.

    My initial thinking was that I'd spend $400k in the first month; within that run a big chunk of the monthly budget on Awareness campaigns to get the impressions out there and build some hype. In addition, some campaigns directed at Traffic to bring users to the landing pages to learn more (those landing pages obviously have CTAs) and maybe a small chunk of that budget on actual conversion campaigns. My thinking was that with the targeting, I'd start by using a couple of audiences with the primary one being a lookalike audience based off of the existing customer base in the Europe market, followed by a targeted audience focusing on people aged between 25-38 (which is what the defined audience is the company) with interests in x y z (things related to the company/product).

    From there, the next month in Q4, I'd start looking at how the impressions went, how many conversions through what channels & adverts etc etc. Then I'd use $300k for this month in traffic & conversion campaigns with a little bit still in the awareness campaigns to maintain the remarketing and impressions.

    Finally, in the last month, I'd spend the last $300k with a strong focus on conversions and hope to close Q4 with 12,500 new users which would equate to $80 CPA.

    ANY advice or tips would be great, as this assignment holds a large weight on my final score

    Welcome to the forum.

    The forum has a section for Facebook Marketing and other Social Media platforms and you will likely get good if not better responses..

    Social Media < Click it

    Hope it helps
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    That's a good strategy...

    I've managed budgets similar to that with my clients.

    So to begin with...
    I would focus on driving conversion campaigns right from the start.

    Here's how this can be optimally structured:
    Video View/Brand Awareness Campaigns: Getting maximum reach & audience share (making sure that the relevance scores are high on these)
    Conversion Campaigns: Retargeting audiences who've seen the awareness campaigns
    I would spread the Retargeting Ads over an elongated sequence.
    After viewing my post or engaging, Day 1 - 5 - they would see 1 ad.
    Then Day 6 - 10 - another ad.
    And so on.

    You can start closing users & hitting your targets right away w/o waiting so long.
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