How To Write Facebook Ads That Generate Customers And Clients

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If you are running Facebook Ads with the intention of generating leads and sales, then the copy in your ad is the most important part of your entire campaign next to your offer. Why?

Because we can use the copy in the ad to get people's attention, engage them emotionally, identify their key problem and then offer them a solution that will solve their problem.

And if done correctly, you can use the copy in your ad to actually pre-sell a paid product or service if you are going direct for the sale.

I have used all kinds of copy formulas over the past 5 years that I have been running Facebook Ads but today I am going to share my one of my favourite ones with you.

I discovered this ad copy formula from Chris at North Node Media (credit to him) and it is the best copy formula that I have found (In my opinion) so far.

This ad copy formula is called the E.P.I.C formula and I'll run through each part with you so that you understand it and can ultimately use it in your ads.

This ad copy formula will work best when running conversion based ads i.e. going direct for the lead or sale.

So here's the formula...

1) Engage: Engage with proper context with an engaging headline

When opening your ad, it is important to state your prospects problem but in a positive tone or in an indirect way, include a big benefit, state the desired end result and include your solution or mechanism that gets the results.

Here's an example from one of Digital Marketers Ads using this formula...

"How Our 'Digital Agency Growth Funnel' Takes Agencies From Perpetual Prospecting Mode To Locking In High Value Retainers Without Having To Reinvent Their Client Acquisition Strategy"

2) Present: Present The Problem And Empathise

Once we have got someone's attention, we now want to walk your prospect through their ideal painful scenario from beginning to end and state what is needed to change this.

3) Illustrate: Illustrate Your Solution

Once we have walked a prospect through their ideal painful scenario, we now need to introduce the solution that will solve your prospects problem, walk them through a scenario where it is in action, speak to the desired end result as well as overcoming any objections your prospect might have.

4) Convert: Call To Action

Now that we have revealed the solution it is time to give a call to action. Before you give your link, reverse the risk, connect back to the pain point, speak to the desired end result and give your link to your solution.

A Few Tips When Writing Your Ad.

1) When writing your ad, be clear on which segment of your audience you want to engage for example, do you want to target problem unaware or problem aware prospects?

Or do you want to engage solution or product aware prospects?

Depending on who you want to reach and engage in your ad, if the prospect is problem unaware or problem aware, you will need longer copy and you will need to lead with a story to connect with the prospect and help them identify their problem.

If your prospects are solution or even product aware, your messaging can be a lot more direct and you can use shorter copy in your ad.

2) Always keep the tone of your Facebook Ads positive in general even when calling out your prospects pain points and problems.

Facebook will frown upon your ad if your ad copy is negative or you're singling particular groups of people out and in the worst case scenario your ad or your ad account could be struck off.

3) Where possible use longer form ad copy for your Facebook Ads. I have found that longer form ad copy far out performs short form ad copy with Facebook Ads.

4) Use video in your ads. Video is a very powerful way to build rapport and trust with cold prospects especially if they don't know who you are.

5) Understand what Facebook wants. Facebook wants their users to have an enjoyable experience when on Facebook so it's your job to create ads that give value and get good levels of engagement.

If you do this, Facebook will reward you with higher relevance scores, lower CPM's and ultimately a lower cost per acquisition.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!

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    Few things needs to be considered while creating fb ad. ie.
    Do you need the leads or just a campaign. If you need to generate leads use PPC in fb instead of impression. z
    The ad should have less text for better click. Choose the demography and interest. you can take a free course of FB ads from UDEMY course. This will help you better .
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