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Hi I run campaign on bing after 1 week I got 57 conversion. What is the best way to optimize? Conversion are coming mostly from different keywords:

3 conversions - keyword1

2 conversions - keyword2

2 conversion - keyword 3

2 conversions - keywords 4

48 rest of conversions came from 48 unique keywords. Im not sure whats next? Should I gather more data? Should I keep porfitable KW that brings more than 1 conversion to separate group?

When I launched campaign I keep all keywords in broad match type. When i get to phase optimisation should I add profitable keywords in phrase or exact match type?

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    I would like to suggest to you. You should to create separate group with minimum keywords.
    ad negative keywords and create keyword match type group for experiment. Check search term daily basis and ad unusual search in negative keywords.
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    This is all simple numbers stuff. You should know what your Maximum Cost Per Conversion is before you ever even start an advertising campaign.

    MAXIMUM COST PER CONVERSION = [Average Profit Per Order] - [Minimum Amount You're Willing to Make Per Order]

    Then, look at the numbers. Keep, and maybe increase the budget/cost per click for those phrases that have a cost per conversion that is under your maximum and get rid of or lower the bids for phrases that are over your maximum cost per conversion.

    We always start off with exact match type for all phrases. Then, if they are successful, we test phrase match - again, keeping/increasing the ones that are under our maximum cost per conversion and lowering/deleting the ones that are above that maximum. If things look good for phrase match, we'll test broad match the same way.

    Incidentally, this is the same process you should be using for every advertising medium - Bing, Google, BizRate, Facebook, ...
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    The Best way to optimize the Bing campaign are:

    1.Make sure you target the right location
    2.Keep your quality score to at least 9-10
    3.Get your research done
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    I think you should list all the profitable kw and try to optimize them. Create the content on each one of them and I am sure it will help enhance the ranking of your site and result in more conversion.
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    I would better suggest you to higher a freelancer who's already pro in this sector. Otherwise you will loose money for sure. Its not the place to guess/ learn faster as you're thinking.
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