Is this type of ad OK on Facebook?

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Is it advisable to promote a solution on Facebook that rectifies the issues of Microsoft Windows (like slowness, Blue Screen of Death, recovery of damage from virus)?

I got from some video that Facebook do not like negative ads that points to others?

What do you say?

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    Hi rizabbasi,

    I think it really depends on how you word it. You can definitely talk about solving problems in your ads, you just can't refer to the user directly as if you know they personally have a problem. In other words your ads can appeal to a group of people, but cannot imply personal knowledge of an individual's problems.

    Having said that you are targeting a troublesome niche. There a lot of scammers targeting the tech support niche, and you might be disapproved simply due to the niche. Most top tier advertising platforms are refusing advertisors in the tech support niche because of the high rate of malicious actors.

    I believe more than 50% of current tech support advertisors, in certain parts of the world, are running scams. The problem has gotten so bad that an entire new industry is developing just to fight off the scammers. You can't blame the platforms for avoiding this niche altogether.

    Cyber warfare now taking place between IT folks and tech support scammers:

    And many more resource available if you Google "tech support scam".


    Don Burk
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    I think it's more like 80% are scams...I know on this fourm those 'offers' are common....and the accts banned immediately.
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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      I think it's more like 80% are scams...I know on this fourm those 'offers' are common....and the accts banned immediately.
      Hi Kay,

      You might be right.

      Please note I said "more than 50%" because I wanted to be generous since I did not have the actual statistic to quote. Personally, I feel that 80% might be too low.

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