[FB ADS] Traffic to my site and redirect to a 3rd site ?

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My real estate client wants to advertise and drive traffic to a property listed on a real estate portal..

Obviously, the property would ideally be listed directly on his site..

I want to avoid sending traffic directly to the 3rd party site, as I won't get any pixel data this way.

My idea was to drive traffic to a page on his website, where everybody would get pixeled, and get immediately redirected to the 3rd party site - the real estate portal with the listing.

Has anybody done this before ?

My questions:

is it even possible to create a selective redirect on Wordpress, on a per-page basis ? (let's say only the page domain.com/offer will have the redirect with the rest of the site staying intact).

Some people pointed out that doing it this way is against Facebook policy. I've read the policy and didn't find it explicitly mentioned.. but I can also see how it could be on the edge, since this is definitely not "best practice".
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