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by ns17
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I am trying to promote some Peerfly offers on Bing.

I have been designing LP's of the offers and I have realized after so many attempts that I am no good at it..

So I was wondering if there is ethical way to clone the LP of offer and try to adv on Bing and fbads.

Is that allowed and if yes then what tool is the best one to create it.

I am really getting desperate as have been trying over and over and not able to create a good one.

Please help ..........
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    You can try Mailchimp, they have good landing page templates.
    You just have to replace text and images. Hardly takes 20 minutes to do so.
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      I tried there service but as soon as the find out that its a clickbank product they block the account. It happened twice with me.

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    It would not be ethical to clone their landing page. That is theft of someone else's intellectual property. You could always ask their permission to clone their page. They may be ok with that and the idea may not have occurred to them before. If you don't ask permission or don't get permission but clone the page anyway, you're opening yourself up to being prosecuted for theft.

    What you can do is use it their landing page for inspiration. Model their page rather than plagiarize it. If it has a video, make your own and use that on your page. Rewrite any text in your own words. Interweave your own stories and anecdotes in the page text (if it's a long page).

    Landing pages are seldom winners out of the gate. If you get a sale or two from one, then you've got a successful one. From there on out, it's a matter of tweaking things, one by one, until you improve your conversion rate.
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      I totally agree about the copyright stuff. However what I would no be entirely using or copying as it is. I just want to have a base of LP created by cloning then I can write my own text there and even change few other elements. It gets very hard when you have build the LP entirely the colors the font he pictures everything just gets so messy..

      Any free tools that anyone recommend for creating LPS besides Aweber Leadpages Mailchimp Instabuilder Instapage Convertri Thrive architect ..Wix and Wordpress..

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    Use the free trials of GetResponse, ClickFunnels, Aweber and use their tools for building landing pages. If you like one and end up using it, they will pay for themselves really quickly. I find GetResponses work well and you can sort by conversion % in their builder, so you can see what sorts of designs are best.
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    I am currently using Mailchimp for landing pages and it seems to work alright.

    I will be transitioning over to the paid platform Convertkit very soon though. The forms and landing pages in Convertkit seem a lot easier to build and manage than Mailchimp.

    I have also heard good things about Aweber, but have not used it personally.

    Nick Nalbach - Learn to Grow and Develop your Business WITH ME at NineFiveToFreedom

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    Hey you can use Instapage for Creating a Landing Page. they have 14 days free trials ,no payment info is required.
    very easy to use.
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    You can do a search for free landing page templates. You can also find some free ones on PLR sites.
    Builderall has a $9 per month landing page option and I believe Wealthy Affiliate has a free landing page option.

    Be sure you don't put your cart before your horse. Mailchimp might not support any emails originating from Peerfly for very long. Very strict on their promotions..
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    Hey man,

    use clickfunnels, they do good and easy stuff.

    And yes, at first, i would "copy" a landing page that I like (usually that converted me), would test it, and then improve it !
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    You could go with a Free Landing Page Company offer, but they will want to put their ads somewhere on your FREE page/site.

    I actually use the product that I promote, and I can use the product to promote any Business Niche! Although I still have a I Wordpress site, I find building websites with the Wordpress platform a bit time consuming compared to the amount of time it takes me now.

    I have also used Free Editors in the past, but then I became caught up in uploading and hosting. Not to say that it's a bad thing... Just saying that I have found a easier and simpler way to create lead capture pages.

    The fee is well worth it's weight in Gold!
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    You can choose to buy a standard landing page template and insert your images and text. Alternatively, instead of cloning a page without permission, talk to them and see if you can be allowed to duplicate what they have as long as it passes the plagiarism test.
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