No Leads from the Landing Pages on Google Ads

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I have been running a campaign on Google Ads for generating leads from the landing page and it has been 20 days and the only number of leads I have got is 4. I am spending around INR 1500 per day and the landing page is also not too bad. I am always updating and marking negative keywords from the search terms, but still I am not getting the conversions.

Any suggestions and helps are highly appreciated.
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    There are lots of variables involved like what are you promoting,
    Are you targeting the wrong audience?
    Is your landing page good enough to convince visitors?
    Does it have enough interest?
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    What service is all about? If you are new to the brand, focus on clicks rather than conversions.
    Check out the keywords which driven conversions. Segment by device, click type, locations.
    Add bid adjustments for mobile if the conversions is from mobile. Do bid adjustments for other factors which drove 4 conversions.
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    We would have to diagnose this from the ground up. What is your offer and target audience? Are your ad sets narrow and targeted enough? Is your landing page optimized for conversions? Really couldn't tell you much without knowing more details.
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    You can check a few points like

    You can check the performance of the campaign across desktop, mobile and see which devices are performing well. You can adjust bids to show ads on higher positions on the portable device. Also, make sure you rank of top 3 positions for your higher performing keywords so if that's not happening then improve the quality score or bids to rank higher. Higher ad rank will usually have a higher conversion rate.

    You can also optimize ad scheduling to run ads only when you get conversions.

    In a way focus on things like keywords, devices, ads, landing pages which are performing better and try eliminating no performing areas of your campaign to improve your conversion rate.
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