How to increase conversions on Adwords

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Looking for ways to increase conversions with adwords.

How many sales/conversions do you get per 100 adwords targeted clicks?

Please advice.
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    Its totally depend upon business nature.
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    can u give us more information so we can help u ie what vertical are u talking about ? your question is too broad and difficult to answer
    Less work More money More time

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    Assuming proper keyword targeting, conversions are more a factor of your landing page. You can have the most relevant keywords possible, great compelling ads, but if your page doesn't convince to buy, you'll have low conversion rate. Think of this extreme: a great campaign and everything done right but going to a blank page will result in a 0% conversion rate. It's not a question of improving Adwords itself for a better conversion rate, it's improving your landing page. You have to look at both sides of the equation.
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    Display advertising, you can target relevant websites to show your ad on. This way you can target super specific people with demographics and interests that match your services or products.
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        Originally Posted by tryinhere View Post

        why if we are going to rebuild a "great forum" are we allowing it to be flooded with sheite / fake rubbish, one may ask, a blind man can spot this why cant the powers be eyes wide open ?
        Also, that member was posting from Pakistan and listing his location as UK. The post has been deleted - you might want to erase the quote from your post.

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          Originally Posted by Frank Donovan View Post

          Please report any similar posts (using the red triangle) rather than just post in the thread - the mods will see the report and take any necessary action. Thanks.
          Already do this on a regular basis, this person was was spotted days ago as a fake and nothing was done about it. cheers Pete
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    Here is the top Five tricks to increase Conversion on Adwords:
    • Include as few fields as possible.
    • Add a guarantee.
    • Use tangible action verbs.
    • Use testimonials.
    • Clearly, state the benefits of your product or service
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    The CR relates to many factors on your website such as UI/UX, content, target audiences, schedule time, bidding strategy, budget,...So you need to classify and clarify which factors impact the CR and then optimize it.

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    Doubling or increasing the conversions for PPC ads is probably the reason why we invest so much into adwords. One of the best ways to do so is writing killer ad copies and aligning them with the landing pages. Along with using negative keywords simultaneously with exact match keywords.

    Try A/B split testing with these approaches and look for the changes.
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    your question is broad and you should add some details to your question to receive better solutions.
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    Most important tips for improving your conversion rates are to:
    1. Stay focused on your goal.
    2. Be relevant.
    3. Align your ad copy and landing page.
    4. Optimize your landing page.
    5. A/B test each element of the campaign.
    6. Experiment with keyword matches to find what works best for you.
    7. Focus on improving your Quality Score.
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    It mostly depends on your keyword and nature of business
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    The average number of conversions per ad interaction vary from business to business. To measure your conversion rates, you should use conversion tracking in your account and utilize it to take genuine advertising decisions.

    If you want to increase conversion rates of your ads then you should do the following:
    • Optimize your landing page regularly
    • Align adcopy with landing pages
    • Organize keywords under effective keyword group & target small ad group.
    • Follow a customer focused approach to convey the right message to the right audience at the right time.
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    it's totally different with a nich or not
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    i would like to suggest please create conversion funnel to track & increase the conversion rate.

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    As per my knowledge, the best way to increase conversion is streamlining your workflow to enable you to maximize opportunities. Rather this, I would suggest you to try OptiMonk as it's an extremely powerful conversion optimization tool.
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    Originally Posted by martworld View Post

    Looking for ways to increase conversions with adwords.
    What is / are the main conversion goal(s) of your Adwords campaigns? In other words, what are the most important actions you want visitors to take on the website?

    As another poster suggested in this thread, if you can give more specific information we can be better equipped to offer suggestions to help you increase Adwords conversions.

    ~ Marty Foley
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    Keyword Targeting
    Landing page optimization
    Increasing Quality Score

    Are some common tips.

    But In some cases I am following all but not getting result. I am struggling with some problem. I am not able to find the problem, If any thing special in adwords plz text me
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    Use Negative keywords and use ad extensions
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