Do you use Spyfu for PPC Keyword Research?

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I am building a new PPC campaign for Adwords. I ordered some Spyfu gigs on Fiverr to help with my keyword research.

I am unsure of how to best utilize the data received in order to build my ad groups.

There are several spreadsheets that were delivered to me that would be relevant to my needs for PPC.

They are adwords advisor, ad history, PPC keyword groups and PPC keywords.

If anyone has some experience using Spyfu I would appreciate any guidance on how to best use the data.
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    i been running PPC campaigns for 8 years now and never used a paid KW tool, my own opinion is they all use the same Databases so pointless. think of your own kw ideas in partnership with free KW tools like google KW planner
    all the best
    Less work More money More time

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    Everyone has a different opinion on paid tools some persons like to use paid tools and some are not. I have used many tools like Spyfu, Ahref, Google Keyword Planner. Each tool has its own benefits.

    In Spyfu you can get a large amount of keywords suggestion with the relevant phrase and you can also check the competitor's keywords, backlinks, competitor Adwords campaign. It also provides improved keywords, newly ranked keywords & lost ranking keywords for your site, also show the history of ranking.

    For PPC Research SpyFu helps to monitor PPC competitors, Adwords keyword grouping tool, PPC negative match recommendations, PPC Ad rank tracker.
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  • Like mrvm1, I have never used a paid keyword tool. I'll occasionally use Google's keyword tool but that is kind of rare. Most times, if you can't think of keywords, at least the initial ones, to use for your own business, there's a problem there. If you use a keyword tool, you also need to use logic and the best computer around, your brain. Don't just blindly add every suggestion.
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    I've been using Spyfy since 2015, in that time the tool has really evolved to keep up with the pace of competitors. I find Spyfu really useful what I use it for, that's to do KQ research and comps mainly.
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    Yes I am using SPYFu PPC Keyword Research The SpyFu keyword search helps you start building an SEO strategy or improve on an existing campaign. While we can show you unlimited searches on millions of keywords, you need just one to start.
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    I use spyfu and find it very useful - you can generate a quick lists of related KWs to your campaigns and how competitive they are ... i think there's no difference in using Google Keyword tool. What SpyFu does better is how it presents your keyword analysis in a simple interface!
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    Yes, I am using it. I'd recommend you all trying Spyfu. When you use it at first, you'll be surprised how easy-to-use the PPC tool can be. The best part about spyfu is its plan. Spyfu's $39/mo plan lets you export over 5,000,000 keywords. That's 100x more data for 1/10th the price. So, 1000x the value.
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    I have used spyfu for compeitors research and adwords keyword planner for keyword research.
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    Honestly speaking, I didn't get a chance of using this keyword research tool But I have heard a lot that this tool is helpful for users to better understand the approach that their competitors are taking, both with paid and organic search.
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    Google KW planner usually has all I need for good camapign. Only in case I didn't get satisfying results from my campaign I would try these alternative and more detailed data about competitors.
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    No I have never used Spyfu for doing my keyword research.

    As we all know that Google has its own standard and free keyword research tool which is Google Keyword planner.

    And if I have to suggest a paid tool for this then SEMrush is my favorite keyword research tool.

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    Yes, its very useful tool. You should try it.
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    No, I do not use SpyFu for PPC Keyword Research. I always use Google Keyword Planner for PPC keyword research. Apart from that, I also use Ubbersuggest, Google Suggested Words and Google Trend for searching PPC Keywords.
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    SpyFu can be a good supplemental keyword tool. It is not really meant to be the main keyword research tool you use. Like many on here, I use Google's Keyword Planner to build out initial campaigns. What I like to use Spyfu for:

    1. Research competitor keywords - sometimes you can find some keywords they are targeting that you have not yet targeted.

    2. Ad ideas - researching competitor's ad history can give you some ideas on finding new headlines for ads.
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    Yes, I am using it. I'd recommend you all trying Spyfu
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