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I am using PPC to run a clickbank campaign and was wondering how to track conversions. Since it isn't my own product and I can't track who submitted an order on the order page, how do I track which of my keywords is leading to conversions?
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    There are ways to integrate google analytics, google ad words and facebook pixel into your clickbank accounts. Once you establish an account with one of these under your vendors tab in your clickbank account you can add your ID to start tacking your data.
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    This is something that bother me too. Clickbank is a huge affiliate market place and all their backoffice for the affiliates is so old and so unusefull. I wonder why they don't improve it.
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    • ^^ I agree, it could need a little upgrade. However, when using a tracker (or even their tids) you still can get a good overview of what promotions and placements work. How do you currently run and track your campaigns?
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    It's simple. You can use a Tracking ID when you generate links, and therefore you can see in reports which keywords works best for you. Use a different set of ads for every keyword, where only the link with the Tracking ID is different.
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    As a ClickBank seller and infopreneur, your goal is to form an excellent quality product and sell it to as several of your website guests as attainable. Your conversion rate is that the proportion of holidaymakers World Health Organization go from simply visiting your web site to really shopping for your product.

    ClickBank conversion chase is one in every of the foremost vital tricks you would like to master as a ClickBank affiliate. However, most affiliates pay very little or no attention thereto. If you're new ClickBank, make certain you scan our ClickBank review initial therefore you'll be able to follow the remainder of this post.

    There are 2 differing types of ClickBank conversion tracking:
    1. PPC chase with Google Adwords, MSN etc
    2. Their intrinsical TID chase for all different ad sources
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    Just use clickmagick

    It integrates with clickbank to track all sales, and if you set it up properly with bing tracking tokens you can even see exactly which keywords, ad, and device triggered the conversion.

    You're flying blind without tracking software, and clickmagick is really affordable and has awesome support.
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  • A great way is to use ClickBanks own TID and track from there.

    If you want something more advanced, I'd recommend a tracker tool like Voluum, RedTrack, or BeMob (which is even free).

    There you could even upload conversions and see in what City, on what Device, on what Browser, what keywords, etc. the conversion occurred. That's amazing for when you're buying ads.

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