Can PPC be fruitful for a service based IT company?

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Hello experts, I want to know can PPC be fruitful for a service based IT company located in Canada. Can it help to generate genuine B2B leads? I would love to know your experience.
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    Yes, of course, PPC always fruitful for your services but the matter is that PPC is time period activity and if you are new in a specific niche then you can get a huge loss. Therefore use PPC but wisely and after analyzing the term and conditions.
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    Think about the goal. I doubt anyone is going to buy services directly from a PPC ad.

    But sign up to get a report or video series to teach them what's important about those services, a buying guide, problems to avoid, what's different about what you do versus everyone else?

    That could work. It'll take testing and there are no magic bullets. I would concentrate on a "small sale" to start, like the signup to receive more marketing from you.
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    Absolutely Agree. PPC can be fruitful for your company, but would approach as a multi step. Use ppc to get the lead then follow up for sale. This way not only do you bring potential lead into your funnel, you also are making the most of your budget. You can have 2 campaigns, one to get the lead and one for the "buy now" audience, but definitely should be generating leads from your efforts and since paying for.
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  • MobileAppEnthusiast,

    PPC, no. Lead gen through signups from content marketing, the type that's discussed all around this forum, no.
    If you're targeting clients like individual marketers, one-man startup online business owners and small affiliate groups looking to have a niche website or a mobile app or two and so on developed? Maybe.

    But for much, much bigger projects? No.

    Now LinkedIn community engagement, yes. LinkedIn InMail, yes. LinkedIn sponsored posts, yes, though for positive top of mind advertising results, mainly.
    White paper publishing across relevant niche publications, yes. Open source community engagement, yes.
    Offline networking across relevant academic groups, development communities, social enterprises, government offices, tech incubation hubs, tech startup business networks and so on, yes.

    So yes. Those are for much, much bigger projects.
    And that's what my over a decade of experience running an ICT dev business has taught me.

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    • Thanks Marx, my niche is about mobile apps. How to find in this massive ocean of the internet who needs mobile app development for their business?
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    Why not. Most of the SAAS provider companies are using PPC as their main source of Business interaction. You can go with LinkedIn campaigns for B2B sales.
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    • We don't provide software services but mobile app and web development services. Will it be fruitful?
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        Yes, You can promote the mobile app and web development services. In fact, Any SAAS (Software as a Service) providers can go with PPC campaigns. Only keeping in mind how to target and which platform to use aligning to your objective. As for example, Facebook ads will not really give a good output if you are looking for Software B2B business, but it will work for an Interior Designer Company.
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    Sure it is but only in case when a search volume already exists. Otherwise, you need to build it first.
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    Pay per click is nothing without finding the Golden keywords that have high conversion rates. I recommend using LinkedIn Ads, Google Adwords, Microsoft Ads.
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    Yes it is beneficial as it help in advertising our services to a vast number of audience.
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    Absolutely. If the campaign is running properly then it will definitely fruitful for your company. You can use Pay per click to generate the leads and then follow up for sale. Most of the companies use PPC for B2B lead generation.
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    You need to advertise. Be where your prospects are. These days, people do a search for all kinds of products and yes, services. So PPC can definitely be fruitful and bring you new customers.

    Web development services are very competitive. Lots of you guys out there. This makes click cost high (being a relative term) but they are high because it's worth it just getting one client that can be worth thousands. It's supply and demand.

    But you need to do it right, from keywords you use to your ads to your landing page to closing the sale. Fail in any one of these and it won't be so fruitful. Pretty much like any other business.

    It's not about finding keywords that convert as one post said. There's no such thing as a converting keyword. It's not the keyword that converts. Keywords are the first part of the funnel, qualifying who has an interest in your service, in your case web development vs everything else. The ad is the carrot to get them curious. Your landing page expands on that and tries to convince why you are the best option. A good selling page and they'll buy a product online, or even a service like insurance. Other times, they may call or email and your job is to close that sale, put no doubt in their mind you are the best option.

    As I said, fail or do a poor job at any of these points and you might end up with a unprofitable campaign.
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    "Yes it can be. PPC can be used for any type of service. Of course, this will only bring you the leads, taking them from there through the sales funnel is another route. Until you have a name in the field, you need all the marketing you can get.
    Combine PPC with other marketing strategies like SEO, SMM, etc. to get the lead you want. This will be costly though, so if you're a start up, you might want to think about it again."
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    Think about the goal. I doubt anyone is going to buy services directly from a PPC ad.
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    yes do it wisely, you can take help of your expert
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    Yes Ofcourse
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    Yes, PPC can be fruitful for a service-based IT company but make sure that your campaigns are running properly. PPC will help you generate leads and then follow up for the sale. Moreover, a combination of PPC with other services like SEO, etc can do magic as well.
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    Yes it can, but make sure you hire someone who knows how to do it, it could be a long run, but it will be worth it
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  • Hi,

    PPC is just one option, bear in mind the cost per click and how many clicks you'd need to get one sale. Have a figure in mind of how much the lead is worth to you.

    I think you'd be better off building your social media presence in Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

    All the best!
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    We don't provide software services but mobile app and web development services. Will it be fruitful?
    PPC works for mobile App and web development services. But you must use the PPC campaigns carefully by targeting the right audience.

    You should limit the area where your ads show. In most cases, people try for web development services based on their city. So there is no point in showing your PPC ads on a different geographical location unless you have a big budget.
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  • If you provide services then PPC also helpful to you. Just find the best keywords for your PPC campaign, make attractive Ads and set the best bid, after that surely you can get best results from PPC.
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    Yes, PPC can be profitable for any IT company. You need to have plan and budget for long term and make a good strategy. for most of the people, it can be costly, so you need to decide your keywords, campaign type and audience carefully.
    You can not just setup campaign and start running. You need to focus on your landing page, followup and other things too.
    PPC Services Pay per click Advertisement is all I do ..
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