Soon New PPC Campaign - Anyone Want To Pipe In?

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Hey guys,

I will soon do a PPC campaign after a few more free Testimonial sales.

Anyone want to have a chat about PPC?

Its online services and I want to go for Adwords definitely.

ill target search words like :

order video online
order video advertisement

Think the hardest will be finding the correct keywords, I am from Germany, living in Bulgaria.
For digital services for English Speaking clients should I target USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand?

Which one is the best to go for?

Any other advice
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    Originally Posted by MilenRachev View Post

    Any other advice

    Over the years I've developed a list of the most common mistakes I've seen advertisers make in their PPC campaigns.

    Some may not apply to every advertiser's situation, but by helping correct or avoid such mistakes where applicable, it slashes their ad costs and increases conversion rates, profit, and ROI.

    # Poor / Irrelevant Keyword Selection

    # Using Regular Broad Match Instead of Modified Broad Match

    # Not Segmenting Keywords Into Smaller, Tightly Themed Ad Groups

    # Not Testing Multiple Ad Variations

    # Not Tracking Conversions, Down to the Keyword Level

    # Not Using Web Analytics

    # Not Setting Up Google Analytics Conversion Goals

    # Not Assigning Values to Your Most Important Conversion Goals (or Not Using Ecommerce Tracking)

    # Not Linking Google Analytics to Your Adwords Account

    # Not Optimizing Website / Landing Page Conversion Rates

    # Making Website Changes Without Testing & Tracking Their Impact on Conversion Rates

    # Not Applying the 80/20 Rule to PPC Marketing
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  • I agree with most of Marty's list.

    Using poor keywords: I'm amazed at how advertisers don't seem to understand their own product. Sometimes they do but put it all in one group, #3 on Marty's list.

    If you are going to use a tool, my suggestion is learn how the tool works, how to use it properly before you start using it. Adwords and other online advertising channels are tools. If you don't understand or use them well, it will likely be a waste of resources and a source of frustration for you. If you are unwilling or unable to learn, get a pro to do it for you.
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