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I started promoting in Bing Ads and it has been over 24 hrs and I got only 3 impressions.

Then. one bing support agent advises me to use short broad keywords like for example "weight loss" in broad, phrase and exact. Agent said I got 3-4 words in 1 set of keyword (long tail) and putting them in exact, a searcher must be able to type in these terms in the same exact position to trigger your ad.

And I said short and seed keywords in broad category will only drain my money while making me no money so I went for a bit long tail kws.

My Bid is set at 0.50$ at 7$/day. There are niche long tail keywords in phrase and exact match in 5 Ad groups distributed among 17 Ad sets. Headlines and other things are quite catchy I think but only 3 impressions.

Why should I do to improve and get more impressions?

Any tips?

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Campaign was approved around 8 hours ago and these are my stats -

Screenshot: https://ibb.co/34cff9L

But no sales.

The niche is quite popular but no conversions. Only 1 order form fill and then abandoned. What am I doing wrong?
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    You need to be more specific about what those impressions mean.

    If they are impressions you get on your ads that is terribly low, and it simply means there's not enough audience for your keywords and/or budget.
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    Number of impressions don't matter, mostly. Provided you have targeted keywords, impressions are a matter of how many people search on those keywords. Your goal is then to get them to click.

    If there's just a dozen searches per month, well that's the market. Nothing wrong with a small reach like that, I have campaigns that are 90% or more of such low-volume keywords. Often, there's less than 100 impressions per year. But ads show exactly what searcher needs resulting in high click rates and high conversion rates. Multiply that by hundreds or even thousands of groups in a few cases and you have a very successful and profitable campaign.
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