Google Ads Changing Portfolio Bid Strategies

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Hey Warriors!

Starting in July, Google Ads will be making the following changes:
  • The ability to create Enhanced CPC Portfolio Strategies will be removed
  • Target spend setting will no longer be available for new maximize clicks portfolios
  • Average Daily Budgets will be replacing target spend
According to Google Ad's Product Manager (Sagar Shah), Users complained that the target spend settings were confusing and not useful.

What are your thoughts on these updates?
Do you like the new changes?

View the full release here:
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    Let i check it out and let u know what is the changes happend
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    Yes, I like this Google strategy. Through this strategy, they automatically set the bids for every auction and provide a single place for easily change the bid settings for all campaigns. This strategy really helps to reach our performance goal.
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    Yes, I think the strategy will leave a positive impact.
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    Great changes. This will make it easier to get the most value from your ad budget. Glad to see them moving to make their ad platform easier to use each day.
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    It is not a bad idea for marketers who want to optimize their resources. Unless of course, if Google has a hidden agenda. Let's wait and see how it will unfold.
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