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Device & demographic targeting question - I'm running a PPC campaign on Bing/Microsoft targeting affiliate marketers, network marketers/direct sellers/mlm & home biz seekers. I have different ad groups set up for tier 1 countries, world & keyword specific. The products are CBD oils/topicals & nutritional sprays. However, because CBD is still not being allowed for advertising on the major networks, I use one of the company generic landing page promoting a simple "system" for creating residual income (no product mentions). Other landing pages are available for product buyers but I currently haven't set up campaigns for that.

Currently I have the demographic adjustment with a 90% lower bid adjustment for males as women just happen to make up 75% of all network marketers. However... I don't think that figure is the case with affiliate marketers. Even though the company I'm promoting is network marketing, I want affiliate marketers to check out the info as the landing pages & automated follow-up system are top-notch. Affiliate marketers can promote better online but my guess is that most company volume is being done my network marketers. I can see that even though I have the lower bid level for males is that many men are still signing up for the info/tour so there is some inaccuracy. Am I doing the right thing by having having lower bid levels for men?

Devices - Desktop (includes laptops), tablet & smartphone bid adjustment levels. Initially - I had them all set at the same bid level & was getting a number of free tour/info leads entered into the system. But then I was doing more research on the ROI for different devices. One source recommends to try to concentrate only on desktop/laptop traffic for a higher ROI. Another source showed desktop & tablet ROI being much higher than mobile. I could have sworn there was a place in our Amazon affiliate stats that showed I was getting orders from desktop & mobile but can't seem to find it. It's a different market than targeting Amazon buyers however. So anyway at the moment, I have my smartphone bid level at a decrease of 90% & just did the tablet bid for a 40% decrease. I know I could get more info requests with smartphone bid level equal to desktop (especially worldwide) but wonder if the "lead quality" is good for what I'm wanting... people to sign up as paid affiliates/reps with the company. How do others target their device settings for PPC for biz opp type campaigns?
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    Until you have enough actual performance data to really know which devices / locations are performing better, adjusting bids for them is more or less guesswork.

    I'm assuming you have accurate conversion tracking in place and functioning correctly. If you don't, you're flying blind.

    If you do, focus on generating traffic and watching your metrics. Once you have some actual conversion data with which to optimize, you can then apply the 80/20 Rule by giving higher priority (more more attention, higher bids, budget, etc.) to what's working, and reduce or eliminate what isn't working.

    Please update us once you're generating conversions from your campaign(s).
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    You do want to run for bit so can have accurate data to track, however based on what you told me and to help you get better accurate tracking, would suggest bidding same for women and men for one. This way you can really see the split and who is better market.

    If targeting say just the U.S. Then would run nationwide for first few days as well so can see where most quality traffic is coming for you as well for future efforts,

    As far as devices, depending on goal of campaign or page and based on what you briefly described, if need to go through several steps then most likely desktop will outpull for conversions, however would do even few even split tests to see where conversions at and then decide. Always test, test and test. If on a smaller budget now, then start on smaller side then scale up once you have enough traffic tested and see where best route is.
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