What PPC examples inspire you to be a better advertiser?

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Every now and then we come across something that makes us say, "Damn... That's amazing."

What are some examples of great PPC campaigns that you've come across? I'd like to take a look at some of these campaigns to see what I can do better.
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  • Depends on what your definition of a great campaign is. What are the metrics that are important to you?

    I can give you numbers but by themselves without context don't mean much. For instance, a campaign with 45-50% CTR this past week. It's at the top position 90% of the time which mostly explains that high click rate. Does it convert? Check, at a 15% clip, some weeks easily breaking 20%. These numbers may impress you (or not).

    There is just one formula to have a successful campaign yet it's amazing how many people don't see or understand it. Your ad needs to resonate with the searcher, promise something they want and need. You'll get high click rates and high QS which leads to lower CPC. You then need your landing page to convince that you can fulfill that promise.

    There is no set formula, nothing I can tell you such as use this word or phrase, that will magically give you great traffic or increase conversions. Each product is different and each with their own hook. You need to know and understand what they are looking for in that product. Think of ads you've seen, what made you click? In other media, what made you notice? When you bought, what made you decide to do so at this particular store and not another?
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