Looking for suggestions to protect my Google ads account.

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Hello warriors,

I am looking for suggestions to protect my major source of traffic which is Google ads. I run white hat ads campaigns in dating and due to the vertical i am in am afraid that google will ban me. Do you have any suggestions how i could protect my account ?
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    To keep your PPC account(s) in good standing, and avoid Google shutting down your campaigns (or worse, banning you), here are some suggestions:

    * Get familiar with, or better yet, study Google's terms of service and policies:

    * When making site changes, be sure to stay within them.

    * If you're still concerned, contact Google support and ask them if there are any industry specific issues you should be aware of, to stay within their rules.

    If you do your best to stay within their guidelines, you should have no problems.

    ~ Marty Foley
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  • When I saw your title, I thought you meant ways to protect against hacking. For that, treat your account like a bank account: don't give out your login, if you hire someone to manage it, all they need is your ID to connect through their MCC. Google will never send a message asking for it just like a bank never will either so those messages are scams and don't click any links.

    As for how not to get suspended or worse, banned, Marty said it. The number one thing is to read and understand the policies and follow them. It's as simple as that.

    Seems to me there are few things that could get you in trouble in the dating niche. You say you run white hat campaigns so you must know the policies so not sure why you are worried. I've found that people who ask such questions are usually not totally legit or doing something they are not sure about. That's when you should stop and ask the experts, in this case, Google.
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      Hi Thanks for replying back to me.

      The reason i asked this question is because recently one of my partners who run's offers with the same practises as i do his domain got flagged with unknown reasons. This guy is spending around 1M a year in google ads.
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  • While Google may seem cryptic in the reason given, there's always a reason which you can refer to back in the policies. There should never be an "unknown" reason in your mind. If there is, it's because you are not familiar with a rule that affects you. As we have said, you need to go and read and understand those policies. The answer to the problem is there as well as the potential fix.
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