How To Get Targeted 1 Cent Clicks (PPC) On Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads)

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So I thought I would share how I am getting targeted 1 cent clicks (PPC) on Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads). These are clicks coming from Bing, MSN, Yahoo, AOL & sites owned/operated by Microsoft, Yahoo & AOL.

In this one campaign, I have a number of different ad groups targeting keyword/niche categories with a few different ads in each group. I also duplicate the ad groups (keywords & ads) but target them by countries. All of my keywords are set at "phrase match" - not broad match (I'm experimenting on "exact match" as well). I also end up adding negative keywords that I don't want by seeing the search terms people are using that trigger my keyword. It's all about getting more targeted visitors for the money spent.

Tier 1 countries with lower bid adjustments for non-US countries (US, Canada -25%, Australia -25%, UK -25%, New Zealand -35% & I also added Ireland -35% and recently removed Singapore with -65%)

EU countries (lower priced bids that Tier 1)

World - everywhere (bids set at 5-6 cents depending on ad group)

So my ad groups have names like Software Leads - Tier 1, Software Leads - EU, Software Leads - World for example.

Make sure when you do the location settings that you uncheck the box that says "People searching for or viewing pages about your targeted locations". You will waste a lot of money otherwise.

At the "Campaign Level", under Advanced campaign settings/Targeting - I did bid adjustments to decrease my bids based on device. I decreased my Desktop(includes laptops) bid by 50% because I feel it's a higher value click for my niche. I set the Tablet bid & Smartphone bid at a decrease of 75%. I also should mention that for this campaign, I do have the Demographic setting changed for a 90% decrease for gender "Male" because I want to target women but quite honestly I don't think it does a great job at this aspect.

Now I could change these device settings for each ad group but I find changing it at the campaign level is easier. If I'm willing to pay 50 cents for a Tier 1 country desktop/laptop click than I can set the bid at $1.00 because there is a 50% decrease on desktop bids.

Now I'll show you what occurred yesterday for one of my ad groups targeted at the world (everywhere) with bids set at 5 cents


Computers -50% Bid adjustment, 11 clicks, 1,791 Impressions, 0.61% CTR, 0.02 Ave. CPC, 5.71 Ave. Pos., Spend 0.21

Smartphones -75% Bid adjustment, 92 clicks, 14,037 Impressions, 0.66% CTR, 0.01 Ave. CPC, 3.57 Ave. Pos., Spend 0.92

Tablets -75% Bid adjustment, 5 clicks, 239 Impressions, 2.09% CTR, 0.01 Ave. CPC, 4.69 Ave. Pos., Spend 0.05

As you can see, I'm getting 1 cent clicks for the Smartphones & Tablets. I also am getting some for desktops even though it is at a 50% decrease bid adjustment. I'm sure if I set that at 75%, all desktop/laptop clicks would be at 1 cent as well. I highly doubt there would many Tier 1 country clicks at 1 cent because of competition but maybe there are a few.

So if you are using PPC to sell products, services or gather leads where your market is world-wide... you can get targeted 1 cent clicks using the method I showed above. I hope it helps you out.

Larry Wentz
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    Google ads nowadays is expensive.
    I am thinking to move to Microsoft too.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.
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