Help with tax question and providing Google Ads services

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Hi everyone

I was thinking of doing Google Ads for people and i was wondering if anyone can answer this question who receives like a monthly budget amount from a client that they spend for the client on ads.

So, say for instance a client gives me like $200 for a monthly budget for a campaign to use and i charge them $100 to manage it. But if they gave me a check for $300 total it may seem like i was paid $300 at tax time.

So my question is what does an accountant do in that case meaning do they just report the monthly budget amount of $200 as an expense so that i don't have to pay for taxes on that $200 dollar amount? Is that how it works?

I'd like to try starting this business but not sure how this works. I'd like to know before i get started with that business.

Thank you all for your help
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