Hourly Targeting On Adf.ly - Not Supported By Default...

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so I am new to the wonderful world of paid traffic. After a few tries on Adf.ly a few years ago with no results, I tried it again. Yay!! Found myself a HUGE ROI winner with CPA!!

However, conversions are only high on a certain GEO (no worries here) on certain days (also no problem, you can target any day of the week you like) and on a certain time of the day... and here, it gets annoying.

If traffic is run during the night or in the morning, the campaigns ROI runs negative. And to top it all of, Adf.ly does not support targeting by time...

.... Houston, we got a problem here. The GEO does not have enough traffic for the right price at the time of the day I target it, and so, I can only enable and disable the campaign when the time is right.

Fine as long as I have just one campaign and one GEO. If I manage to find another winner, it will get messy over time.

Any solution you guys can think of?
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