Don't make this PPC mistake like I just did - deleted ad groups instead of pausing

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So today I was going to pause some ad groups in a Micrsoft(Bing) campaign & then enable other ad groups. It's something I do often testing different URLs with identical keywords in the groups. Typically to save time, I select all of the 51 ad groups in this campaign to pause them even though most already are. I obviously wasn't paying close attention because I deleted all the ad groups instead of pausing. Yep - I even hit that verify button without looking close to see I was about to delete them. I've been building these keywords for months (many thousands) & I didn't have the up-to-date keywords saved on my computer (another blunder!!!).

So I go to the "Change History" tab in my account to see that I couldn't undo these changes of ad group deletion unlike other changes that you can undo. Panic set in while I waited to get a rep via chat to hopefully correct my mistake. Well the rep couldn't get it done through some methods but is going try another way but it doesn't sound promising. I will find out if it is successful in about 24 hours. (update - no luck undoing my mistake)

So... learn from my mistake & don't do what I did. Pay attention to what you are clicking & keep up-to-date keyword files from your campaigns/ad groups on your computer.
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    Thats a humar error that can occur. Sorry for your loss.
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    I hate to hear stories like that. Months of work down the drain with a couple of clicks. Hopefully you learned your lesson and won't have to suffer the same mistake again.
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  • In the database world, there's a saying, "never delete anything". Obviously Google and Microsoft do not head that warning and have delete options all over the place. They even delete when you edit so you should never edit (pause and create instead).

    Unfortunately, human error can happen as it did with you. It appears you did this online. Another piece of advice is to use the off-line editors that both Google and Microsoft have. Using them may have prevented this error.
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    I think this mistake will work out to be a benefit.

    I've already put up a couple different ad groups targeting niches like Affiliate Marketing & the MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Selling keywords (along with targeting Tier 1 countries, Tier 2 countries, World, desktop, tablet & smartphone with bid adjustments like I did before). Now I've been working on ad groups targeting the keyword niches like home business, business opportunities, work at home & am being even more thorough than before creating the lists. This time though I'm keeping keywords like make money, easy ways make money, earn cash quick, etc... completely out of that group as they are not as quality of lead IMO. I will set up separate ad groups for those keywords with el cheapo bids. More ad groups targeting different keyword niches will be added like I had done before.

    Like before - I'll duplicate the ad groups & test out different new landing pages we have but am currently using one I had success with before on as I rebuild the campaign.

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