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I have an issue in GA reporting, where the UTM parameters from Google Ads are showing in the Site Content report for certain campaigns.

One specific example is
/add_data_analytics_to_TestStand?device=c&keyword=t eststand&placement=&adgroup=TestStand&campaign=Src EMEAbrands

I am using Auto Tagging and Tracking Template (the latter to pass the info to our Marketing Automation system)

The issue does not appear in traffic from other sources, so looks to be related to the GA-Ads integration or the parameters used in the tracking template.

Can anyone see what is wrong here?

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    3 parameters are necessary utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign to tracking.
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    Hi guys,
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  • vinayrana , thanks. But that should be taken care of by Auto Tagging if I am not wrong? The tracking on that level works well, GA reports the actual campaign names.
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