Website layout / elements effect on ads conversion?

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Hi guys,

I am running the ads campaign for webshop (wordpress website + woocommerce),
and I need your opinion for website layout / elements regarding its effect on ads conversion

- do you think some of the elements of my website (link below in background info) and cart / checkout process maybe should be different (remove, add some new elements, change position etc.) to achieve better conversion from the ads, or it is good the way it is now?

NOTE: almost 99% of purchases here happens on mobile, so please look that version
(- if youre on desktop you can use some emulator, i.e. - )

It is in Italian (selling / delivering only in Italy) so to clarify layout:
- on top, there is a search box (user types name of brand or exact perfume)
- after that trustpilot reviews avg. rating for proof
- ater main image, there are 3 icons with some of the main selling points:
1 - free shipping for orders over 59 eur
2 - payment options - on delivery, paypal, card
3 - made in Italy, with quality certificate (so its not some cheap chinese low-quality product)
- after that, some reviews from trustpilot

Top menu has subpages - shop (list of all products - total 160), about us, about the product, shopping conditions etc.)

Any opinions and advice is highly appreciated; thanks in advance and have a good day.
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