How to gain the cheapest followers on instagram? (only interested in numbers)

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I usually have 2 stages for growing a social account, in the first one I need to build up some numbers, once I have the numbers I focus on getting quality over quantity.

So I'm on the first stage but I've never done ads to gain instagram followers.My budget is very small, about 60$/M. Do you think with those I can earn a thousand followers on an instagram account?

I'm not worried about the country of the followers, quality of them (or lack of), or anything, but is there a video or method with which I can gain around 1.000 followers per month with 60 US$ as budget? Can you please give me some guidelines?

I did it in the past with FB, with 60 S I got like 1.500 followers from India, bangladesh, romania, and other cheap places, but this is now, and this is instagram so I'm lost
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