Which free tool could I use to research where my competitors are running ads?

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Two PPC questions:

1) What are best resources on Facebook PPC in 2020?

I'm looking to start campaigns to promote downloads for my free app.

I have a huge email list of users, so can create a lookalike audience and all that, but I don't know the details and tricks and don't want to sink huge amount to learn them, so would rather follow a courses from an expert.

Are there any recommended high quality courses for this specifically with 2020 FB changes?

Any advice will be much appreciated. Please don't recommend WSOs

2) Which free tool could I use to research where my competitors are running ads?

I recall there being a tool where I entered my competitor FB page or product page and it showed what kind of ads and when they were running them. Basically you could learn their ad strategy from it.
What tool was it? Are there free versions available?
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    If you're looking for a tool to analyze your competitors website's ad, then you can try Ahrefs or SEMrush. Both tools have good options and scope to analyze some important metrics of ads of competitors.
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    You can have a look at your competition backlinks on SEMRush but you don`t want to do 100% what they do. There are not that many way of promoting a business. Most people use google or ads in social media. But checking out your competition links can help you avoid listing your company in poor quality directories or you can list your company on top of the range directories
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    For Competition, You Can use SEMRush of SpyFu. Both are paid tools while for backlinks analysis and all domain related off page activities you can use Ahrefs..
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    SEMrush as previously mentioned, although it is quite expensive @ $99.95/month.
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    There are many courses available online to learn Facebook PPC. Udemy offers some high-quality courses to learn Facebook PPC. For example "The Complete Facebook Traffic Ads (Facebook PPC) Course 2020", "Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2020".

    Regarding tools for competitor PPC ads analysis, you can use tools like SpyFu and Ahrefs. SpyFu is available in a limited free version and paid plans, starting at $39/month. Ahrefs starts at $99/month and is available in a 7-day trial version for $7.
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    Hi LetsGoViral, you can use ad spy tools such as adbeat.com

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    You can use Semrush. They provide 7 days free trial you can extract all data that you want to extract.
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    You should go with Free ahrefs.com this is the only tool which i have trust blindly.
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