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I have been using Google Ads with positive results and wanted to venture into Reddit Ads Pay Per Click. Has anyone had success with reddit ads what are the Pros and Cons?
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    You should take into account that reddit communities are more sophisticated and smarter than your average social network site visitors - this is The Biggest difference there IMHO. They have excellent BS meter, so know your stuff before you dip your toes in

    They are merciless critics and that's what I like there the most!

    I've had good success by creating and running communities from 0 without budget using usual tactics (content = king), some have 90k+ followers by now, some 10k, some get deleted.

    Benefits of own "free traffic source" where you can dip whenever you need are obvious.

    Hope this helps!

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    Yes, I used reddit ads, but it's not generating revenue for me. If you want to generate leads through reddit, you can't get any real leads from reddit, so I can give you Google ads and facebook would suggest going with ads
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    There's a lot of untapped potential in Reddit. Some subreddits are filled with people desperate for a solution to their problems. If you can provide a solution, you can make a sale.

    Publish your digital course at We create the video sales letter, drive affiliate traffic and split the profits with you. If you want to start making money by teaching online, submit your application here.

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    Their loss. I'm hot on reddit ads. The cpc is so low even though the traffic has high bounce and CTR is crap I almost always get a positive ROI.
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    I have had astounding success with Reddit for the last 10+ years. Not so much in advertising, because they tend to be more skeptical of advertisers than perhaps any other platform.

    Shady advertisers always try to pretend they're normal users, which perhaps kills it for anyone but seasoned advertising pros.

    The trick is to make your ad not to look like an ad, even though Reddit labels it as a promoted post. Kinda of a tough balancing act, but very doable.

    Beware that users will check you out, and if it appears by your new account that you joined Reddit just to advertise, you're toast.

    Engaging posts (whether paid or not) in the right subreddit can certainly be effective when relevant to the audience. Ideally, attracting influencers is your pot of gold.

    Become a valued member of other people's communities. This is especially effective with Reddit, and is also being done all the time through Facebook, LinkedIn groups, etc. As members see the value you are providing, they will want to find out more about you and what you offer.

    A PPC advertising campaign on Reddit can be extremely effective if used with the understanding of this type of user culture, and perhaps even better when combined with helpful non-promotional posts.
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    Good thing I found discussions on this.
    Recently I read an article about Reddit and its potential, and did not even think that it has such scales.
    Now I want to learn more about Reddit.
    Can anyone share some more useful information?
    I will be very grateful.
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    Become familiar with the subreddits or groups before you dive in. Your posts can be promoted through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and should also appear in other online/offline publications to get more traction.

    I have found it best to contribute to groups and become known as someone who provides value. Advertising and promotion will more readily convert if you warm up your market. This really isn't anything new.
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    Reddit is a mystery lol
    People out there are kinda smarter than you would even imagine
    As I heard my customers saying: most of them who wanted to promote something there failed. Im not saying it doesnt work, you just need to be honest with them because all of them will check you out
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  • I don't like this reddit very complicated
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