Issue with transforming Bing Text Ads in ETAs

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If anyone has had experience with transforming standard Text Ads on Bing into ETAs (Expanded Text Ads) ,your help would be much appreciated.

The issue is not the formating itself, the formating is easily done with Microsoft Ads Editor, however the old text ads had a parameter, param1 that is set at the keyword level. Basically, there were specific keywords that have been assigned destination urls at the keyword level so that each type of match type would trigger a landing page ending in 1,2 or 3. The landing pages ending with these numbers have been assigned for each keyword type at the keyword level and defined by the param1.

Now, old text ads had the parameter declared in the destination urls, however when transitioning to ETAs, I have discovered that ETAs on Bing Editor do not have destination urls, and keeping the functionality of the param1 one active can be done by adding it to the final url.

My question is wether I've done it right. The way I did it is by adding {param1:default} in the final url like this:

Final Url:{param1:default}

I want to be sure it will trigger the landing page ending in 1, since , ending in 1 is set as parameter at the eyword level.

Thank you in advance for your time and suggestions. I am a starting freelancer and this is my first project, so I hope very much to do it right.
I would appreciate very much if anyone could offer a good advice.
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