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I need to send traffic to my website. Are prices really 1 dollar per click? I have a really cool product that I believe will help a lot of people with their problems. However it's only 10 dollars how am I suppose to profit when I have to have a conversion rate of 1/10 to break even... There is 0 competition for the product I'm advertising help!.
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    So here are a few thoughts...

    If there is zero competition, there is zero market.
    Competition is a good thing. You want to be able to see it. If you don't see it, all that means is that there isn't a market for what you want to sell. No one is selling it because no one wants it. Now, it may be that your offer is so much better than anything else that it is just not comparable, but the fact remains that, whatever problem you're solving, there is probably something out there meant to solve that problem. That is your competition. If what you have is exponentially better, then...great!

    PPC prices vary significantly.
    I'm more of a Facebook guy than a Google/Bing guy, but I can tell you that clicks will cost you less than $1 on the low end and hundreds of dollars on the high end. (I have seen local law firms paying three digits for clicks. I kid you not.)

    You make this venture profitable by improving your funnel.
    Walk people up a value ladder.

    Think of the kind of person who would buy this $10 offer.

    What else can you sell to this person that costs significantly more than $10?

    I would run your $10 offer as what is called a self-liquidating offer. That is, you should just be trying to break even and maybe get a little bit of profit. But you use this purchase as an opportunity to create a contact that can go on your email list, and you can then sell additional offers to the same person. And that is where you really make your money!

    That is the kind of thing I do with my clients. My clients will sell a $27 offer (like a mini-course or something), and then we'll follow up on that and sell a course for $497 or something like that. You can turn a profit on the initial offer, but you really make your money on the second offer.
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