Best way to continue converting my Facebook Ads after they've plateau'd?

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Hi everyone. I started a personal training cycling program in my local city to help people get fit and back and shape. Also to become a stronger cyclist and more skilled. I've been operating for almost 4 months now since they lifted social distancing to be safe. I ran a Facebook ad for the past 3 months and converted 12 people into sales. The ad basically paid for itself. However, it is no longer converting.

I changed the video about 3 times now and converted a few more but now it's been almost 2 weeks with no conversions. I've been sending the ad to the same audience and I'm wondering if this is the problem. I have t explorer lookalikes yet but the 30day audience that I set up based on website views is less than 1000.

I could really use some advice if anyone has experience with this. Or some value they can offer to me. I appreciate this in advance.
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