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I am unable to get ads served on Bing and their support is not being specific as to why but are just stating poor landing page experience. I am going to check to see if ads match the landing pages for keywords.

I have also being trying to optimize for speed since I see I have a poor score on GTmetrix and Pingdom tools. Last night I also got setup for the free version of Cloudflare and installed the following plugins:

WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache

Please let me know suggestions. I am using Hostgator Cloud (shared) and Wordpress.

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    Some Major steps you have to follow:

    Make the landing page relevant to the search query
    Make the copy all about your visitors
    Focus on one thing
    Make your landing page trustworthy
    Design it like it's 2021
    Make your landing page fast
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      Agreed, optimizing for the new Web Vitals deploying soon is also critical. Also make sure your website is responsive on all devices. Most traffic comes from mobile devices, and is still trending, so make sure your website works on that too, it's something search engines monitor as well. Usability, performance and trust score.
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    I am looking now for tips to speed up the landing page. Any suggestions?

    Mike Williams

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      Which CMS/platform do you use?
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    Here's a handy checklist to use to ensure your pages are loading as fast as feasible. If you're not doing some of these items yet, we highly encourage you to give them a try to give your pages that extra points.

    1. Check your image size. Images more significant than 800kb could be slowing your page load time.
    2. Be strategic with the inclusion of images on your pages.
    3. Reduce font families/weights because each font/weight adds to page load time.
    4. Be mindful of how many HTTP requests are being made on your pages.
    5. Disable jQuery if your pages aren't using it; it may be enabled by default. jQuery can potentially slow runners down.
    6. This one's a biggie: optimize your custom scripts.
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    As a landing page is truly a great thing and enables you to transform your potential customers to actual customers, you need to work on it with full efforts in terms of landing made. Make it interesting with a proper call to action and try to create values.
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    Hi try to landing page in html or bootstrap if u use cloud name server this is first step use wprocket plugin also boost page speed image reduse imagify tools
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    May I know what does Landing Page Optimization means.
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      it means to make landing page ranked at the top and easily visible to all.
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        Originally Posted by Rahmatkhan View Post

        it means to make landing page ranked at the top and easily visible to all.
        Isn't that would be the job of SEO in general including landing page optimization?
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    Google or bing do not accept poor landing page. A poor landing page are those which is:
    1. Not relevant to the keywords. Optimize the content of the page as per keywords.
    2. Also check it loading time, web page having long loading time will reject by ads platforms.
    3. Check HTTP status code of your web page. If should return 200. Otherwise there is a problem with web page
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    Make your landing page trustworthy, mention about services, offers, cost what special you can for users than your competitors.
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      Originally Posted by Akhilesh Singh View Post

      Make your landing page trustworthy, mention about services, offers, cost what special you can for users than your competitors.
      You are talking about marketing and not about optimization simply because optimization is about how Algorithm see your pages and "trustworthy" how your site's visitors
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    I also facing same issue
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    Originally Posted by thefsboking View Post

    Please let me know suggestions. I am using Hostgator Cloud (shared) and Wordpress
    Here are some insights to help you get things on track:

    (1). Hostgator is owned by EIG and they are the WORST hosting company ever. NEVER use a EIG owned hosting company. If you do, you will eventually LOSE! They are notorious for secretly throttling down CPU resources, as well as overselling servers. Go scan the reviews for EIG owned webhosting companies, you will be shocked! Also, NEVER use Hostwinds. When money is on the line, only use shared hosting from the top tier hosting companies.

    (2). Test every landing page and every page on your site using multiple speed tests. The top three testing platforms are:

    You will need to decipher their techie jargon, and then become techie to fix the issues, but it will be worth it.

    (3). If you're using CloudFlare, use the CloudFlare WP plugin to optimize your CloudFlare settings.

    (4). Make sure your images are pre-optimized before you upload them.

    (5). If you cannot afford the higher-end PPC subscription services, get the PPC Kit, go through their trainings and use their software; they will take the guesswork out of creating PPC ads on Google and Bing. You will end up with highly optimized Ads that convert.

    (6). To design you landing pages, you should be using software such as Elementor Pro, Thrive, or the more expensive, InstaPage or LeadPages, or the ultra-expensive landing pages such as ClickFunnels. Elementor Pro has plenty of third-party resources that make amazing landing page templates.

    (7). For WordPress, the best speed optimization plugin is WP Rocket. IMHO; if you can afford it, get it. If not, AutoOptimizer is good as well as several other plugins, just search for the best.

    (8). Don't use poorly coded themes, nulled themes or plugins.

    (9). Take a course on how to build and optimize your landing pages; don't guess at it! Udemy has some great courses.

    Hope that helps.
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    Landing page optimization refers to the process of enhancing or improving each element on your landing page to increase conversions. Instead of redesigning the entire page based solely on a hunch, you use data and anecdotal evidence.
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    Here are few tips you can consider -
    1. Reduce HTTP requests. More the requests made, the longer it will take the page to open
    2. Make sure the image size is below 800kb. A bigger image can slow down loading time
    3. Reduce server response time.
    4. Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network). It is essential for the best user experience
    5. Allow browser caching
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    Forget about PPC ads until you can put $300 a month into a high end SDD that can make WP open around 1 second, not 5.

    Shared hosts open too slow, that's the bad experience.

    1 Second is goal, and outside of my own network, I never seen any network doing WP a slow CMS under 1 second, we have it often at .5 seconds, but the server is optimized to do it for WP at that speed and I did it custom and I'm sure not gonna tell others how to super charge a network.

    So WP on hostgator is crap, that's the bad experience, too slow.

    At 1 second you loose no one, ever 1/10th of a second over 1 in the era of instant internet you loose 2.5% of users.

    2 second opens you lost 25% and that's fast

    3 second opens you lost 50%

    4 seconds opens you lost 75%

    5 Seconds the typical time for WP to open on hostgator and GD and all the other cheap server farms is 100% loss bad user experience


    Until you have a dedicated server and find someone to open WP under 2 seconds you shouldn't put 1 cent into PPC

    Good luck one of the 500 internet companies I formed over 26 years in the game.

    I know what I'm talking about
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    It is a good to try some A/B testing and multi-variate testing. Most of the time conversion is pool due to slow website speed, wrong targets and not clear call to action. Be sure that you call to action is at the "hottest" zone. Using heatmaps may help to determine what is wrong.
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    You can optimize your page speed by reducing the size of css file and images.
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    There are always few things that can help for the landing page optimization:

    1. Speed
    2. Intuitive UI
    3. Clear call-to-action
    4. Less scrolling

    5. Easy way to create lead/sale

    If all the above is in place, everything should be working (of course it depends on the product/service and business model too).
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