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I am unable to get ads served on Bing and their support is not being specific as to why but are just stating poor landing page experience. I am going to check to see if ads match the landing pages for keywords.

I have also being trying to optimize for speed since I see I have a poor score on GTmetrix and Pingdom tools. Last night I also got setup for the free version of Cloudflare and installed the following plugins:

WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache

Please let me know suggestions. I am using Hostgator Cloud (shared) and Wordpress.

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    Some Major steps you have to follow:

    Make the landing page relevant to the search query
    Make the copy all about your visitors
    Focus on one thing
    Make your landing page trustworthy
    Design it like it's 2021
    Make your landing page fast
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    I am looking now for tips to speed up the landing page. Any suggestions?

    Mike Williams

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    Here's a handy checklist to use to ensure your pages are loading as fast as feasible. If you're not doing some of these items yet, we highly encourage you to give them a try to give your pages that extra points.

    1. Check your image size. Images more significant than 800kb could be slowing your page load time.
    2. Be strategic with the inclusion of images on your pages.
    3. Reduce font families/weights because each font/weight adds to page load time.
    4. Be mindful of how many HTTP requests are being made on your pages.
    5. Disable jQuery if your pages aren't using it; it may be enabled by default. jQuery can potentially slow runners down.
    6. This one's a biggie: optimize your custom scripts.
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    As a landing page is truly a great thing and enables you to transform your potential customers to actual customers, you need to work on it with full efforts in terms of landing made. Make it interesting with a proper call to action and try to create values.
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