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Hello expert

I m new to google ads currently I m running my camping to google 5-8 hour good running then disappear my ads
I will check no pause no reject no disapproval by google can u please explain
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    Maybe you have exceeded your budget for the day.
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    Your ads just disappeared?!
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    This following list may help you
    1. Check newest notification again, you may missed something
    2. Use diagnosis and ad preview to figure out, is your ads really gone or you just dont find it when you try to google it
    3. Check your balance
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    As nihitthakkar say Google Ads is a platform to bid for an advertisement. It puts your ad against competitors, if it's not a problem of budget, it may be caused by a lack of quality and your competitor win the bid.
    You can check on your report if your ads are not showing cause of budget or quality
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    Hello,You can look for your Search ad with the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool.
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    Are google ads even worth it? I had read that you need to spend tons of money in order to see results.
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    It may be that your Google ads are not being shown just because they have been stopped. If you show this case, all you have to do is switch from pause to enable. another cause maybe your related ad groups or promotions have been removed from your account.
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    Can be 2 reasons for this:
    1. budget is exceeded
    2. competition is high so may be due to low bidding your ads are disappearing - to fix it, work to improve your keywords quality score and improve bid OR set your campaign and maximize clicks or CPA.
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    Maybe your funds are insufficient and you have exceeded your budget.
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