What do Facebook on your landing page?

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Hi Warriors,

Do Facebook crawl the copy on your entire website or do they just check for things like privacy policy and scan the copy only on the landing page linked to an ad?

What are some things to be mindful of having on your website in general in order to avoid being banned?

Thanks in advance
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    Facebook crawls everything on your landing page, copy, pictures, links.
    Although policies change a lot, and you never really know why they banned you, be mindful about calling out people with your copy.
    And also pictures might get you in trouble, like too much skin, zooming on body parts, shocking pictures, etc.
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    Anything on your landing page, including copy, images, and ties, is crawled by Facebook.
    Since rules change often and you never know why you were banned, be cautious about naming individuals in your copy.
    Even, pictures of so much skin, zooming in on body parts, startling images, and so on could get you in trouble.
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    Facebook crawler crawls the HTML of the website shared with Facebook through copy and past or through the Facebook social plugin. Make sure that you fulfill the requirements of the crawler to save yourself from getting banned.
    Also, keep an eye on the changes in Facebook policies.
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    Facebook crawl everything on your landing page.
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