What should be my Bidding Strategy for Google Ads? (This is my 1st campaign!)

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Which of the following Bidding Strategy is preferred when starting out on a Google Ads Search ads campaign?

1. Conversions/ Clicks ( With a manual value)

2. MAXIMISED conversions/clicks

3. Manual CPC

Also how to decide on the value of the approximate daily budget to use? ( For example if the commission is $170)

Thanks a lot!
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    I have been running google ads since last 7 years. With my experience, i can say that manual bidding is the best bidding strategy to start the campaign with when you are new to Google Ads. It can be quite risky to start with another automated bidding strategies of AdWords when you have no knowledge or experience about. Play safely in terms of your bidding strategies as you may end up losing a large amount.

    Manual bidding gives you the option of setting and adjusting the bidding numbers personally according to your goals and business budget.

    Google sets bids according to data in its computers, it is just a machine and it is highly recommended to go with your brain rather than trusting machine operated works.
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    Determine the correct keywords, long-tail, laser targeted conversional keywords. Avoid generic terms. Then analyze the results and keep refining the campaign.
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    Use Maximum clicks but after you get 30 clicks from manual CPC

    Then, If you get 30 conversions, use max conversions bid strategy
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    The best Bidding strategy for google ads is maximum conversion/clicks.
    It may be best to focus on conversion & also generate traffic to your website.
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    Begin with maximum conversion/clicks. This is an automated bid strategy. It's the simplest way to bid for clicks. All you have to do is set an average daily budget, and the Google Ads system automatically manages your bids to bring you the most clicks possible within your budget. Once you start getting the insights you can then adjust your keywords according and optimize the campaign
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    Start off using Maximize clicks and thank me later! The most important thing here is your targeting! You need to research your keywords and test.
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