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How's it going guys, haven't posted in a while, was wondering if any of you folks are having success with tik tok ads lately ? Just started getting into it and wow, very easy to get traffic and they are much more lenient than facebook or google, cheap clicks to, tested bout 7 offers, some cpa offers, some software affiliate program so far this past week and will keep you informed on how it goes . Anyone here have success with tik tok ads so far ?
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    Also something I plan to pursue relatively soon so I have been keeping an eye on real campaigns and the methods used for profitable results.

    When you research do not even bother reading or watching anything that is not current. Rules change all the time and we have to keep up.

    Here is a great video on actual ads getting great results from an agency.



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    I really don't appreciate tik tok and I think it's just for fun
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  • Hello, I haven't posted in a long time myself.

    I don't use Tik Tok nor have I ever advertised on that platform. What you need to determine is if Tik Tok is an appropriate platform for what you are selling. It's not a question if it has more people using it or more lenient than others or even cheaper per click.

    There are two kinds of advertising: active and passive. On a search engine like Google, it's active because people are actively searching and pre-qualifying themselves. They are more likely to convert. Most other online advertising is passive: you are showing your ads to a wider audience, most of whom will have no interest in your product. It's like ads on television. Yes, you can often target which audience sees your ads but it doesn't mean they will be interested. It reminds me some years ago in this forum someone targeting football fans about his book on Facebook. Sure, there may be thousands of football fans but only a small percentage will be interested in that particular team or player (I seem to recall it was a coach).

    So don't dismiss a platform because you don't like their rules or think they have high cost. It's not the cost per click that matters, it's the cost of acquiring a sale. You could have a thousand clicks on Tik Tok costing $100 at $0.10 per visit but result in just one sale. On the other hand, you could have a hundred visits at $1 elsewhere but ten sales. Which has the most value and is more profitable?
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