Need suggestion for Facebook advertising strategy with 2.5 million followers

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I have 10 pages, about 2.5 million followers, targeting different countries. We create these page since 2015 . In the past, we selected to create ads with the post of high organic reach. And each ad was about 10-20USD/day, and the total number of ads is around 100-200. In this way, if the ROI is low, the ads will be stop. And create new ads (from new high reach post)every day.

This is the past.

Nowadays, organic reach is getting lower and lower. The page of 300K follower, organic reach for each post has been down to about 3K. Of course, if the product is good, it can be up to more than 10K-50K, but this is minority.-

In addition, our current per customer transaction is 30USD, and the gross profit is 50%-----15USD, so ROI must be control within 3, that is, around or under 10USD for one conversion.

1. There are fewer ads that can be selected to create ad, now the total number of ad is less than 50 ads
2. The biggest problem is that it cannot be scale ads. If the ad pull more organic reach at the beginning, the ROI can be more than 3 or even higher , but after a few days or scale up, the organic becomes less and less(become total paid traffic), and the ROI will become worse, we had try seveal way to scale up: increase less than 20% each day, copy adset with expansion LAL 3-5%, copy adset with adding words of interest, all fail. Without the organic reach , ROI is hard to keep 3.

Suggestion to myself: For example, Should I increase the selling price and increase the gross profit margin, so that my acceptable ROI can be below 3?
Don't scale up too much, just one adset 50-100 a day at most?

Any other suggestions?
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