Three Unconventional CRO Tactics To Skyrocket Your Revenue

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that you can use these proven tactics to level up your CRO strategy and make optimizations that translate directly to bottom-line growth.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is not for the faint of heart. It's tough to produce website experiences that deliver results consistently. It's essential, though. You've invested a lot of resources, time, and budget into getting the best possible audience to your website. Over the last decade in digital marketing, I've learned a few creative CRO tactics that can dramatically increase your odds of success. Check out these three unconventional CRO tips that can help add consistent growth to your bottom line.
  1. Create Augmented Reality Experiences: Brick-and-mortar stores know if they get you into the fitting room, the product is far more likely to be sold. But how do you enable customers to try on items when you are an ecommerce brand? MAC Cosmetics and several other ecommerce brands use AR (augmented reality) technology to enable potential buyers to try on products virtually. Ecommerce brands usually place a CTA button on product description pages. Place yourself in the consumer's shoes. Maybe your first thought at this point is how is it possible to try on a product? So your curiosity gets the best of you, and you decide to click. Upon clicking, your camera activates. You may be a little shocked or scared because your camera is triggered (or perhaps you are excited - who am I to judge?). Regardless of what you're feeling, you will find different lipstick shades that you were previously browsing directly transposed on your lips.
  2. Perfect Your Micro-Conversion Retargeting: GTM (Google Tag Manager) is one of the most robust and underutilized tools for increasing conversion rates. Brands that leverage micro-conversion retargeting win big time. Micro conversions are small steps towards the path of completing your primary conversion goal (or macro conversion). Here is an example of a conversion journey for a social post scheduling tool. Retargeting based on a product/service pageview versus brands leveraging mico-conversion retargeting from a specific click event is night and day. Each stage in the journey presents an opportunity for a retargeting message based on a click event that occurred within each step.
  3. Tap Into The Power Of Dynamic Video Personalization: Videos are here to stay. As we all get more acclimated to the presence of video, it will present more opportunities to utilize video in more creative ways. I am sure you have seen exit-intent popups that state something along the lines of "Wait before you leave, take 10% off your order today." Triggering a popup experience produces results, which is why you should be asking yourself how you can further iterate on this experience.
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